It's Thanksgiving Day in the U.S.

Many of my recent business contacts have been International from New Zealand to Europe to Brazi. Mix that with some crazy politics this fall, and a little bit of time in higher education it really got me thinking about what Thanksgiving means to me.

I Have Blessings too Many to Enumerate

I tried giving a laundry list of what I'm thankful for. Wow. It was an encyclopedia. First of all: my family: Gina, Kyle, Ben, Max, Liz, Zoë as well as "Grandma Muffin", "Grandma Connie", "Grandma Karen", "Grandpa Bruce", and even "Grandpa Dennis" (just kidding - I love my dad!). I am blessed with 4 brothers and their families. Just wow. My brothers are always there for me. I really would never change any of them. We are so inseparable, that I know I forget to tell them how thankful I am.

That's on top of the hundreds and hundreds of actual friends that I have met over the last few decades in business and now podcasting.

About The Photo

Zoë. Wow, I just love spending time with that girl. I have literally thousands of photos of her. The Zoë photo collection is poised to pass the Max photo collection (of 6,000!). I spent some time looking through all of them, and it was way to difficult to choose a "best of". So, you get to see a recent photo of me with one of the hugest sources of true happiness that I've ever had. I love hanging with that crazy, obnoxious little girl. It's almost like we're twins!

Happy Thanksgiving, friends!